The Horrific Consequences of Removing Prayer from Schools in 1963!

strategic leadership transformation truth Sep 09, 2022
Flashpoint Prayer Removed from Schools in 1963

Your worldview matters.  Decisions have consequences.  I just saw this report by Flashpoint that illustrates the long term measurable consquences that followed removing prayer for schools in 1963.  Click here for the full Flashpoint report of Gene Baley's interview of David Barton on Facebook.

Starting around the 28 minute mark he begins to show the impact of removing prayer out of our schools.  The results are truly horrific. Results such as:

  • Violent crime increeased over 700%
  • SAT Test scores dropped dramatically
  • Birthrates for unwed mothers between the ages of 15-19 increased from 15 per 1000 to over 45.  That's a 3x increase.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases increased by 5x.
  • Single parent homes almost tripled. 

Your worldview matters.  Any solution, system or strategy you try to employ based on anything other than an accurate worldview will never ever lead to the results you expect.  The worldview that led to the removal of prayer from school was based upon a worldview without God.  It ignored the truth that mankind is made up of body, soul and spirit. 

Look what happens when God is removed from our education system and society.  But I want you to know, this situation is not hopeless.

I've been pioneering a strategy for more than two decades that empowers city, county or state leaders to position the Church made up of many local congregations in a community to reestablish a canopy of prayer over their community.  The results have been dramatic.  For example, in many cities crime decreased by as much as 50%.  Students test scores rose, unemployment fell, adoptions rose and churches multiplied too and much more.  

The problems began when prayer was removed.  I submit to you, to turn the tide, we have to return to the place we got off track.  That means the first step to transforming our communities begins with prayer.  It's not an add on, it is not a nice to have.  It is essential.  

I can show you not only how to moblize a canopy of continual prayer fast, but also how to connect that strategic prayer with leaders in your cities, counties and states. Check it out. 

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