Are You Captured by a Vision to Transform Your Community with Real, Measurable, Reproducible, Supernatural Results?

In 2009 Dr. Peter Wagner invited me to a meeting.  The goal was to answer, how to connect intercessors with leaders in the 7 mountains.  We've discovered how and here is the proof. 

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Are you tired of hearing talk about transforming the 7 mountains and yet see no consistent results?   

Does it frustrate you that:

  • God's design for family and individual identity is under attack as divorce rates rise, abortion rages, Planned Parenthood prospers, and a two tiered justice system defends the lawless and persecutes the lawful?   
  • The wicked seem to write the laws, have more influence in culture and prosper more in the 7 spheres of society?
  • It seems like the majority of the Church is powerless and in retreat with no clear moral compass nor leadership? 
  • There is little or no unity, cooperation and collaboration among the churches in your city, county or state?
  • Kingdom minded leaders in the 7 mountains are alone and disconnected from real intercession.
  • Our Father's house of prayer for all nations is not being built.

What if there were an ancient blueprint that that God had already given to address the challenges of this day?   Well, there is, and it is a strategy pioneered by King David and practiced by every reformer in scripture? 

The 7 Mountain Transformation Strategy 

A supernatural solution that produces actual results.

  • Discover how two leaders in two nations impacted more than 40 million souls combined. 
  • Proven by leaders in 38+ nations!
  • Jim Goll said in 2011, "What is happening today, I think is one of the healthiest models partnering with pastors of local churches and market place leaders too."
  • Dr. C. Peter Wagner said, it is an excellent strategy "building prayer and worship into the fabric of a church, area, region or nation.  Tim has lived and modeled these principles in front of my eyes and they work! " 
  • Michael Lineau, the producer of George Otis Jr's first Transformation video said, that the difference between that video and what we are doing is, George went looking for the signs of transformation.  In our case, the signs followed those who employed this strategy.
  • Establishes 24/7 prayer FAST! 
  • It has unified churches from Presbyterian to Pentecostal and from Catholic to Charismatic.
  • It simultaneously empowers leaders to seat the elders back into the gates of society within their jurisdiction through strategic councils of leaders representing all 7 mountains and connects  them with the five-fold ministry.
  • Produces measurable, reproducible, supernatural results such as:
    • Church growth
    • Crime decreasing
    • Elections impacted
    • Unemployment rates decline
    • Economies prosper as businesses prosper
    • Epidemics and healthcare is impacted.
    • Metrics for schools and education improve 
    • and much much more
  • Offers a strategic rollout and training plan customized to your city, county, state or region.

Bonus for the online course!

This includes:

  • Two 45 minute strategy Zoom calls.  One at the start and the other at the end of the course.
  • Manual - "The 7 Mountain 24/7 Prayer Community Transformation System"
  • Two books, Developing Apostolic Strategy & Build the Wall
  • A manual from my Spiritual War College that organizations have used to set up their strategic communication system.
  • Examples of agendas for Kick Off events, power points, prayer cards, report forms etc.... it is all the tools kingdom leaders have used through the years to mobilize their people. 


Here are just a few of the examples.  

Least churched county in the US in 2006 sees congregations multiply from 105 to 180 in six years after employing this strategy. ‚Äč In 2007 one church reported adding 1000 in just seven months.


FBI reports crime in every major city in Washington declined in 2007. Yakima saw a 50% decrease and police chief cannot explain it but prayer leader can. Seattle reached a 40 year low as well.  Reported in 2008.

Crime Impacted

Mayor and city council request prayer for economy. They pray for 500 jobs. Unemployment rate drops for 1st time in 5 years and two new companies move to the city creating hundreds of jobs beyond their goal of 500. Reported 2016. 

Economy Impacted

County Commissioner reports they're suffering the worst whooping cough epidemic in the state. Requests prayer! Cases decline dramatically from over 1000 to zero in 6 weeks in 2011. 

Epidemic Stopped

Teacher in a school for at risk youth requests prayer for student test scores. Test scores more than doubled in one semester with students reaching the highest scores in her 23-year career. Reported 2016. 

Test Scores Rise

A drought was broken in Kansas in 2009  when the strategy was launched with more rain in one day than in previous 7 years. Five months later their harvest was so large they asked for help storing grain. 

Drought Broken

Video Testimonials

The transformation awaits your application which requires your education .

I can help you with the education and the application that will lead to your transformation.  But, the motivation is up to you.  The earth groans waiting for the mature sons of God.  If not now, then when?  

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40 Million Souls!  

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Charisma Magazine 2016

Click here to read Steve Bus's testimony. On the day this strategy was launched they saw 225 lightning strikes and 5 earthquakes.  

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