What is the Difference Between a Pseudo Leader & a Real Leader!

strategic leadership May 16, 2022
You cannot lead where you do not go or have not been - Tim Taylor

The need for real leaders today has never been greater.  Don't you agree? 

How will you know if someone is a real leader?  A servant leader!  Not a pseudo leader who pretends.

I submit to you, that we use the same pattern Jesus used to teach us how to judge (discern) if a prophet is true or false in Matthew 7:15-20.  He said we would know them by their fruits. 

We can discover real leaders by observing what they do or what they have done.  Results my friend is the key.  I teach that you cannot lead where you do not go or have not gone.  

If you don't find the kind of leaders you want in government, a business, a church or a non-profit organization then you can do one of three things.

  1. Gripe, moan and complain! 
  2. Pray for servant leaders to come forth.
  3. Quit waiting! Act upon your conviction and be willing to become the servant leader that you have prayed for. 

What say you?