Surge in Crime Cause Strained Police Forces to ask Churches for Help!

strategic leadership transformation Aug 18, 2022
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A friend of mine sent me this report from CBN, "As Crime Surges in US Cities, Strained Police Forces Turn to Houses of Worship for Help."  He remembered how that I've been pioneering a strategy for more than two decades which encouraged local churches to engage with city and county officials such as their police and sheriff departments.  In my book, "Operation Rolling Thunder - Revised Edition," I mention the results from 14 cities  which saw crime decrease from 15%-50% when continual targeted strategic prayer was brought to bear by the Church after police chiefs or sheriffs collaborated with church leaders to identify specific problems.

In Gainesville they asked the churches to pray about cold cases and within 9 months five 20 year old cold cases were solved.  In Wichita they asked the church to pray for a 3% decrease in property crime.  It went down 15% (5x more than what was requested) in the first month.  In the greater Seattle we worked with a leader within a federal agency who was responsible for human trafficking.  After two years of targeted intercession a crime family who'd operated for 40 years was brought to justice.  There are many more testimonies to share than space allows me.

My friends, there is a horrible cost to crime.  As you know, my motto is "Truth, Training and Transformation."  Here's my premise.  No solution will ever yield the results you want unless it is based upon truth.  Mankind was designed by God with a body, soul and spirit.  The Western post modern culture has sought to do away with or ignore the spiritual component. The Bible teaches us in Ephesians 3:10 that God chose through the Church to show forth the manifold wisdom of God to principalities and powers.  It's civil government's job to deal with the physical issues and it is the church's job to deal with the spiritual components and to collaborate with civil government when it comes to matters of the soul, though I expect the Church to have a greater impact here as well.

I've proven through our strategy over the last 20+ years that whenever the Church is invited to bring prayer to bear by those who have actual authority like a mayor, police chief, principal, doctor, business leader, etc., the results are often supernatural, measurable and reproducible.  Here's the truth.  While I've been pioneering this strategy for a long time, it is nothing more than an ancient blueprint I discovered in the Bible which I've applied in a modern application.

I share that blueprint in my book "Operation Rolling Thunder - Revised Edition."  But, be advised that I've had certain denominations ban this book because they did not like a couple of Biblical terms I used.  That occurred in 2009.  The leader I was mentored in that state had used cases of my book to mobilize over 260 churches in 12 cities when they were told to stop by a certain national religious organization.  So they quit distributing my book though they continued with the plan; the ancient blueprint. 

On the first day of Phase 1 of the strategy, a drought was broken with more rain in one day than in the previous seven years.  This was followed by an unusual number of people accepting Christ at a First Nation's university, combined with decreasing crime.  On the last day of Phase 1 the #1 abortion clinic in the US was shut down and five months later they experienced a record harvest.  It was so large, they had to ask Texas and Oklahoma to help them store the grain.  That's pretty remarkable don't you think? 

I've had some leaders around the world using nothing more than my book.  Others have sought my help through coaching, mentoring or through one of my courses to help them speed their impact.  If you'd like to learn more, I'd encourage you to check out "The 7 Mountain Community Transformation Course."