To Hit the Mark for Your Destiny Requires an Accurate Worldview!

mindset and goals strategic leadership May 19, 2022
I had a great time at the range with my friend Ryan last year. He let me shoot his 22.
I like taking people to the range as it serves as a great tool to talk about truths in the gospel of the kingdom.
Do you know the etymology of the Hebrew word translated sin? It literally means, "to miss the mark."   This provides context for part of my new course, "Hit the Mark." 
I believe everyone has a God given destiny.  A divine purpose. You were made for this time.  Because of what the Bible teaches me, I believe it is to everyone's benefit if you fulfill your purpose.  That purpose is often expressed like a dream or a vision.  It could be anything from an idea for a witty invention, to becoming a skilled worker, a pastor, an author, an investment advisor, a sailor in the navy, an entrepreneur who starts a business, a minister who starts a non-profit, to one who runs for political office or even a mayor, or police chief who dreams of transforming a city.
To hit the mark for your destiny and fulfill your purpose requires the same kinds of focus and discipline that is required to shoot well.  
It begins with a clear view of your target.  I'd liken that to a clearly articulated vision with missions and values.  This defines your goals or objectives.  It must be clear.  Most never get started because these elements aren't clear.  I can help you with that. 
Over the years I've helped many leaders from the corporate world, to government, to the church and non-profit world.  It's amazing what can be accomplished once your goals are clearly defined.
The second element has to do with our conditions.  Here I am shooting in a controlled environment.  The light is controlled, wind, rain and weather play no factor.  But if I were outside these elements could impact my performance.  I'd liken this second element to the world and our view of it.  If our worldview is off, if we don't account for all of the factors accurately, we'll never be able to hit the mark we are aiming at.  It is critical to have an honest worldview.  Truth is an essential element.  
Truth deals with our worldview.  This includes our personal worldview too.  How do you view yourself?  Do you have an accurate assessment of your skills, abilities and resources?  Do you have an accurate assessment of what is opposing you and or is an impediment to you reaching your objective.  Do you know who your allies are?  
Until you have clearly articulated your goals and identified what opposes you and who your allies are.  You are ill equipped to develop a good strategy to even start.  I can help you with that too.
I've been instructed by experts in the coaching business that the thing you want to do is find a $10,000 problem and solve it for $3000. That's a good deal, right?  Here's the truth, I've taken and applied these eternal principles I teach over the last three decades and applied them personally, to businesses, churches, ministries, Fortune 100 companies and more.  I found these principles can be applied personally, within a family, a team, organization, network, church, city, county or state and it empowers those who apply the principles to produce real results.  
What kind of results?  I worked with the owner of a small business who filed Chapter 13 for a year.  In that year, their gross revenue grew by 127%.  Their goal was 100% increase.  Twenty years later they are still in business.  A software company I served used it to turn the training department into a profit center and then began to have me work with other divisions within the company until eventually I was consulting with our Fortune 100 clients and training their project managers and VPs.  We've seen city and county unemployment rates decreased along with crime which was accompanied by economic prosperity.  In the Church world it helped leaders launch over thirty-four 24/7  houses of prayer who reported also planting forty churches in a ten year timespan. 
Can you put a price tag on all those things?  Some but not all.  The small business I mentioned measured their success in terms of a 127% increase in gross revenue.  It was over a $150,000.  The software company I served charged the Fortune 100 companies $250 and hour for my services.  In one case a house of prayer applied the principles and strategies I taught and an investment firm they served saw a $25 million dollar profit when most everyone else saw a 30-50% loss.  What is the value of crime decreasing, a church or house of prayer being planted?  How much is you fulfilling your destiny worth?   
Bottom line, there are core principles and disciplines that all shooters must apply to learn to shoot well.  It is the same when it comes developing a strategic plan to turn an idea, theory or vision into an operational reality. 
If you have a dream, vision, or idea for a business, ministry, or a call and you need help discovering how or where to even start.  Then I'd like to invite you to download my free gift and sign up for a free strategy session to discover if "Hit the Mark" might help you take another step towards the fulfillment of your destiny.  
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